Indio Casino

Indio Casino - The best casino around today? Wow - that is quite some boast! Yet we wouldn't make it if we didn't think we could back it up. Indio Casino was built around the idea of offering our casino players the best experience they could possibly have. That includes providing you with great games, outstanding service, and everything you could want from your favorite casino. If you want to know more, keep reading. We've got a few pleasant surprises for you.

Download our free casino software today

If you always play on the same computer, consider downloading our casino lobby. You'll only need to do it once and it's super easy to complete, too. You just need to follow the straightforward instructions to make sure the casino is ready to use. From then on, you can head for the casino lobby whenever you're ready to play.

Can you go mobile with us too?

You sure can. Plenty of players are realizing it is just as easy to play on their phone or tablet as it is on a computer. Easy controls allow you to swipe or tap the screen while accessing the casino or playing a game. Check it out now. Will you be converted to a mobile casino player at Indio Casino?

Sign up and login - it's that easy to get started

Signing up for an account is easy. It's also free, allowing you to see inside our casino to check out the many treats that await you there. Once you're inside, you can save your login to use when you want access to the downloaded casino, or the Flash casino, or the mobile casino. One login works across all devices and methods, so enjoying life at Indio Casino is way easier than you might think. Are you ready to get your details and get started?

Indio Casino is not available to people from Canada

Sorry to disappoint, but we cannot accept signups from Canada.

Australia is also not permitted

While we accept members from all over the world, Australia is unfortunately on our banned list.

What about New Zealand?

No - we cannot accept members from this country either. You can check the full terms and conditions to find out more.

Looking for a USA-friendly casino?

Regretfully, Indio Casino is unable to accept wagers from those in the US who are trying to sign up to our casino.

Can you look forward to participating in any casino tournaments?

Indio Casino is always working on events and special deals to offer our players. If you love taking part in tournaments, we suggest you keep a close eye on our site. You never know when one might crop up.

You won't need an app if you want to try our mobile site

Some casinos make you download an app and continually update it to access their mobile games. Not so if you want to use Indio Casino. Our mobile site is fully functional and features the latest technology to ensure you can enjoy smooth and convenient play.

Don't forget your welcome bonus!

We are offering free chips to new members of Indio Casino right now. Once you've claimed those upon signup, you can also get a match bonus when you decide you're ready to deposit. Read the rules for these deals in our promotions section and get ready for the best welcome ever!

Watch out for free spins too

We occasionally offer free spins to players as part of an ongoing promotion. If you try some of our slot games, you might also manage to scoop a few freebies while playing, if those slots offer this as a potential bonus. Which slots will you try that offer you the chance to get these?

New slots are arriving almost daily

Our casino is backed by RTG software, which guarantees you some new slot games to play on a regular basis. If you are keen to play something new whenever you visit, Indio Casino ticks that box for sure.

Discover some of our most popular slots without leaving the home page

Do you recognize any of the slots appearing on our home page? We guess you probably do. Our players are loving some of the slots on our site right now. Trying a few of the most popular ones gives you the chance to figure out why they are so popular. Will you agree with the views of our other players or will you find something else that appeals more?

Bitcoin is now welcome at Indio Casino!

Isn't that great news? Bitcoin has become far more popular across the internet, but perhaps no more so than at online casinos. Indio Casino is proud to accept this virtual currency from our members. Will you use it when you deposit with us?